Saying No

My first post, hmm. This is kind of a rambling all over the place first post.

I am a positive and optimistic person who believes in saying no. There is power in saying no to people. Say no to things you don’t want to do and events you don’t have the time to attend. It creates the space and time for the things and people you want to have in your life. Giving you more time for whatever. Creating, painting, gardening or taking a nap.

I have been sick with a cold the past few days and have spent too much time in bed and on the couch scrolling through instagram and reading blog posts. What I have noticed is a theme of self-care and carving out time for art. It’s easier to say no to acquaintances or colleagues but harder to say no to people from your inner circle. Sometimes hardest to say no to your inner critic.

I am the mother of three, who in the past year has returned to being an artist. I had to say no to my idea of myself as a supermom. I tried for years to make the best dinners and homemade bake-goods and fresh smoothies every day. I am guilty of working myself into a state of shrill high talking trying to get everyone in the family to walk to the farmer’s market to buy all local kale and artisanal cheese so we could walk home among the hipsters and make a beautiful dinner. Let me tell you, that is a time consuming chore. By the time you get home and wash all the grit off the vegetables, make healthy snacks for everyone to eat so they can wait the few hours for the gourmet dinner I was whipping up,  I was exhausted. Sometimes I was a little smug, I admit.

What I am getting to is that I said no to art and that made me sad. Now I am finding a balance. My son said to me last week, we eat more take-out than we ever used to. I just smiled.


One thought on “Saying No

  1. Micah says:

    Amen, sister. Intentionality with our “No”s. Because, you’re right. We are limited with our time and resources. So, we’ll end up saying No to something (several somethings), no matter what. But, when we choose to direct those “No”s, then we really begin to get some traction. I love, also, that you include the honesty of what it requires to say “No”, even the take out.

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