Works in Progress

Similar palettes but different execution of forms and material. Working on a few different paintings at once. That is how I roll. I like the variety and contrast. It has not always been that way with my art practice. I had a mentor who insisted we work on one piece at a time until completion. Sometimes I would be working on the same reproduction of an old master for months, In particular I remember working on Albrecht Durer’s self portrait in prismacolour…. I like this better:)

What do you do?

I am at a party and somebody asks me what I do. Do I tell them what I do all day? (housework, errands, childcare and lots of painting, drawing and preparing for submissions and shows, marketing, calling  and other administrative things) Or are they asking me what I am? Can I even separate that? I say I am an artist. Next question is usually, what kind of art do you do. ha ha ha, well I am all over the place. I paint, I draw, I use all mediums. I am always learning and pushing myself. Well, what is your style, do you paint landscapes or pet portraits? I do have a style that is mine but I am so close to it that it is sometimes hard to articulate what makes it my own. When I look back at the past year I see abstract designs, repeating leaf motifs, washy watery arcs and scallops, moody watercolour portraits. Large scale abstract paintings. Oil landscapes. Collages. Line drawings. Just click on my gallery and you will see.img_4122

Too Much Instagram?

Hey, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with visual stimulation. I need a break from my device and scrolling through all the beautiful little squares. It’s time to refocus, recalibrate and make my art. Disciplined little mini projects, my larger oil paintings and my sketchbooks all need more attention. Not to mention my real life! I know how this happens. I fully participate in the social media thrill of liking and being liked. I have made genuine connections with lovely and supportive people. But all the commenting and replying is really time consuming. Any thoughts on this? img_4136

Daily Project

I have decided to start a series of mini projects. My first one will be to illustrate/sketch  objects that I interact with  everyday. I am not sure what to choose, maybe I need to narrow it down to an activity or room. An activity could be grocery shopping, so wallet, keys, bags, products etc… or room could be bathroom, toothbrushes, lipstick, soap dish…I want to keep it under an hour and part of my daily practice.  I will post the results of my efforts once a week. Any suggestions are welcome.img_4115

Sharing my process

Palette and painting. I am always looking. I am a person who stares and squints. We drove through the mountains and I just stared out the window the entire time. I love the colours this time of year and the various greens and dark greys and purples. I just knew I would come to the studio inspired. I don’t always oil paint, sometimes I use acrylic, sometimes watercolour. But I do something everyday. I am a visual glutton. I am working on this oil painting now, it is in it’s very early stages and maybe not pretty or done enough to share but I want to anyway. My paintings go through so much, the end result might be very different then what you see below. The beginning is so good and sometimes the paintings are so clean they almost seem too good to touch but they are not finished. I have to get at them and make a mess of them and keep working. That’s how they get depth and meaning. I am not a one layer painting kind of girl.


This little collage is 8×8 inches and was pure joy to create! I love pink and gold leaf. This is mounted on a wood panel and coated with archival UV varnish.  I made 5 little gems for a pop up holiday shop called the and I am excited to be included in this group of vendors. I am starting to sell art and it is really exciting.GlamPinkandGold1.jpg

making marks


I am happy when I make art. I work through problems, I find my balance. I reflect on nature and what I see. I believe my love and connection to nature can be seen in the finished pieces on the table. My wish is for all of us to be a little kinder. A little more connected to the natural world.

making habits stick

2016-06-10 at 00-48-11Sketchbooks in my car, in my room, in my kitchen, in my bag. I am trying to make mark making easier to do. Instead of scrolling through my phone while waiting how about a pencil and paper? It feels better. Creating always feels better than passively consuming for me. I have felt shame at how much time I have spent on my device. I am trying to make night time sketching before bed a habit. I used to journal. Sometimes I still do but it’s not a daily thing. In the past several months a different habit has emerged. I say good night to my teens and tell them not to stay on their phones, iPads whatever because it will disrupt their sleep! Then I go to my room and get ready for bed, all cozy, I reach for my iPhone. eek! I spend too much time scrolling through instagram. A week ago I decided enough. I am done with that. Sketching in bed instead. I have stuck to that pretty much, I did fall off the wagon a few nights ago. I have been sleeping better.