How to sell art: Work everyday. Show your work.

Do the work every day. Commit to yourself and your practice. Listen to your gut. Try not to be swayed by the negative voices in your head and around you. Share your process. Find a community by getting involved. Show your work. Show up and show your work, it is easier than ever to put images online. I sold these two beauties last week, because I showed them. That is the only way.

Some Art


I have not been posting very regularly. Busy with exhibitions, submissions and getting a new website sorted. Really happy to be back in my studio making new work. The more consistent I am with my practice the more ideas I have. Lately, I have been positively brimming and there are many projects and plans on the go. I have to remember that for those times when I feel stuck and flat. It’s cyclical.


This little collage is 8×8 inches and was pure joy to create! I love pink and gold leaf. This is mounted on a wood panel and coated with archival UV varnish.  I made 5 little gems for a pop up holiday shop called the and I am excited to be included in this group of vendors. I am starting to sell art and it is really exciting.GlamPinkandGold1.jpg

making marks


I am happy when I make art. I work through problems, I find my balance. I reflect on nature and what I see. I believe my love and connection to nature can be seen in the finished pieces on the table. My wish is for all of us to be a little kinder. A little more connected to the natural world.