How to sell art: Work everyday. Show your work.

Do the work every day. Commit to yourself and your practice. Listen to your gut. Try not to be swayed by the negative voices in your head and around you. Share your process. Find a community by getting involved. Show your work. Show up and show your work, it is easier than ever to put images online. I sold these two beauties last week, because I showed them. That is the only way.

Some Art


I have not been posting very regularly. Busy with exhibitions, submissions and getting a new website sorted. Really happy to be back in my studio making new work. The more consistent I am with my practice the more ideas I have. Lately, I have been positively brimming and there are many projects and plans on the go. I have to remember that for those times when I feel stuck and flat. It’s cyclical.

Resist. Find compassion. Be kind.

This past week has been bizarre. I have consumed more news and spent ore time on social media consuming news than ever. My eyes are tired. We are all human. Proud to be Canadian. img_4991

nature is my cathedral

The other night my 8 year old daughter was crying her heart out. Why? because the gifts she wants to buy for her school friends and her family cost so much money and she only has $14. She has such a generous soul. I tried to calm her down. I told her that this holiday season is not about how many gifts you get. I told her that we would be happy with something she made, like a picture or a beaded bracelet or a poem. She looked at me slightly disbelieving…I said “Let’s just go for a walk and collect some pine cones and put some glitter on them, maybe bake some cookies and paint some pictures.” The hypnotic spell of consumerism is so strong. I suggested we bring some baby formula and canned food items to our local food bank. Nature is my antidote to shopping. img_4270

Works in Progress

Similar palettes but different execution of forms and material. Working on a few different paintings at once. That is how I roll. I like the variety and contrast. It has not always been that way with my art practice. I had a mentor who insisted we work on one piece at a time until completion. Sometimes I would be working on the same reproduction of an old master for months, In particular I remember working on Albrecht Durer’s self portrait in prismacolour…. I like this better:)